Photo Gallery

Knights Of Columbus #8136

Photos of our brothers and events

[img src=]750How many Knights does it take to make coffee?
[img src=]670End of the rush
[img src=]550Greg did a great job on the cakes
[img src=]500Greg and Jim manning the griddle
[img src=]480
[img src=]700Walter cooking sausages
[img src=]510Derrick eating sausage
[img src=]580Paul eating sausage
[img src=]480Jim eating sausage
[img src=]500George getting a sausage
[img src=]520Breakfast
[img src=]490Dan's award
[img src=]470Dan's award
[img src=]480Dan gets award
[img src=]440Speed cleaning
[img src=]370Our new banner
[img src=]430Father Pat's party
[img src=]430Father Pat's party
[img src=]430Serving at Father Pat's party
[img src=]430Lee corking a bottle
[img src=]390Working Father Pat's party
[img src=]380Working Father's party
[img src=]330Lee
[img src=]370Working Father's party
[img src=]380Tony working Father Pat's party
[img src=]360Working the party
[img src=]370Lee and Karl
[img src=]410Walter working the party
[img src=]380Working the party
[img src=]450Paul's last Santa job
[img src=]370Brother Paul
[img src=]350Paul's recognition award
[img src=]370In honor of Paul
[img src=]490Paul's honor guard
[img src=]410Paul's reception
[img src=]440Paul's photos
[img src=]470Paul's reception