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We Make A Difference

Charity • Unity • Fraternity • Patriotism

”The Eucharist is the source and summit in the life of a Knight. The more we devote ourselves to the Eucharist, the more we will understand what it means to be a Knight.” – Supreme Knight Patrick Kelly 

Become a Knight of the Eucharist


Charity is at the heart of our work and our faith, and it always will be. For the Knights of Columbus, charity means supporting a virtually boundless variety of projects and opportunities.


Our commitment to charitable services is just one of the many ways we express our Catholic faith. We are here to build a daily bridge back to what matters, for our members and fellow Catholics.


With nearly 2 million members around the world, we have been investing our time, efforts and resources into out values of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism since 1882.


The Knights of Columbus’ principles of Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism serves as the basis of the Order’s core values which are Integrity, Professionalism, Excellence, and Respect.


It means a life of faith in action, a life of boldness in brotherhood, a life worth living. Join 2 million Catholic men on a mission.

• Volunteer Services
• Charitable Donations
• Parish Support
• Vocation Support
• Youth Support


Founded on the principles of charity, unity and fraternity, the Knights of Columbus was established in 1882 by Father Michael J. McGivney, assistant pastor of St. Mary’s Church in New Haven, Conn., and a group of parishioners. Their intent? To bring financial aid and assistance to the sick, disabled and needy members and their families.

Today, Father McGivney is being considered for sainthood.


Our goal is to help men, their families and their parishes grow closer to Christ. Through our programs and resources, we provide opportunities to live and spread the Catholic faith.


Honoring the Past, Supporting the Future

Sacred Heart Church has been more than just a structure; it’s been a home for spiritual growth, community bonding, and solace. The church has witnessed generations come and go, supporting them through life’s challenges and celebrations. Our tournament aims to honor this storied history by contributing to the church’s ongoing mission to provide spiritual support and guidance.

Bridging School and Church: A Union for the Greater Good

At the core of this event is the vision to create a robust link between the school and the church, fostering a greater sense of community. We believe that by bringing these two pivotal institutions closer, we can forge a stronger, more resilient community. The tournament serves as a bridge, encouraging collaboration, understanding, and shared experiences among all age groups.

Raising Funds for a Noble Cause

The primary objective of our tournament is to raise funds for selected charities that align with our values. These charities play a crucial role in addressing various community needs, from education and youth programs to support services for the less fortunate. Every swing and putt in the tournament contributes to this noble cause, aiding those in our community who need it the most.

A Call to Action: Join Us in Making a Difference

We invite you to be a part of this meaningful event. Whether you are a golfer, a supporter of Sacred Heart Church, or someone who believes in the power of community, your participation can make a significant difference. This tournament is more than a competition; it’s an opportunity to come together, celebrate our shared values, and contribute to a cause that extends beyond the boundaries of a golf course.

Together, We Can Strengthen Our Community

In times like these, people need our help. The Knights of Columbus Charity Golf Tournament is more than a day of sport; it’s a day of giving, sharing, and strengthening the bonds within our community. By supporting Sacred Heart Church and our selected charities, we are not just playing a game; we are nurturing the spirit of togetherness, compassion, and community service.

Join us on the greens, and be part of a legacy of care, community, and faith. Let’s make a difference, together.

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